Prof Ange NZIHOU laureate of the "Grand Prix 2018 of the Academy of Sciences of France" in Collaboration with the IMT

A Warm welcome to the global WTERT family

The Sea Cleaners : En avant première la maquette au 1/80e du « Manta »,

The Sea Cleaners : En avant première la maquette au 1/80e du « Manta »,
The Sea Cleaners : En avant première la maquette au 1/80e du « Manta »,
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Remise des prix de l’Académie des sciences 2018 - Seconde cérémonie
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Un bateau voilier pour nettoyer les océans des déchets plastiques
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Recent News&Events


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Waste Management Business and Investment Summit

20th-22th March 2019

Safari Park Hotel Nairobi, Kenya




WTERT 2018 Meeting, hosted by Earth Engineering Center of CCNY, New York City, October 4-5, 2018 ; combined with visit of WTE plant and Materials Recovery Facility, Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

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European week for waste management from November 17 to 25th 2018 (SERD2018)

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Sustainable Waste Management (8th international conference), November 23-25th 2018

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International symposium-Individual air pollution sensors: innovation or revolution?, November 20-30th 2018 (France)

Recent reports

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ADEME : Sustainable cities in the french overseas territories-France
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International newsletter n°45 - Clean technology: 2018 overview


Les industriels et Citeo appellent à une "concertation globale" au sujet de la consigne des bouteilles en plastique
Ange NZIHOU, laureate of the "prix France des solutions 2018"
"Grand Prix 2018 of the Academy of Sciences of France for Ange NZIHOU in Collaboration with the IMT    Video 
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Education tool "The ocean and the plastic problem" Jacques Gamblin is an author, actor and sailor
Les mouvements anti-éolien connaissent-ils une résurgence en France ?

Databases & Interactives

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Countries statistics
Search IEA energy statistics by country
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Carbon capture & storage database
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Energy Technology Perspectives
How will the overall energy system evolve from now to 2060?
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Oil Market by country
Interactive graphs from our mounthly Oil Market Report
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